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        Email:  terrydonovan1@yahoo.com

                 Telephone:  239-935-7789

         Website: www.terrydonovan1.com


      After 35 years originating home loans I am now working as an independent loan counselor. If you'll click on the Mortganomics PDF above and view pages 3 thru 7, you'll find the details of my professional experience. I'm no longer originating loans and I'm not affiliated with any lender. Now I use my vast experience to prequalify loan shoppers without generating any credit report inquiries that can affect their approval or expose their private information to the public. In addition, I will guide them through the entire loan origination process making sure that they are treated fairly. So, if you are in the process of buying a home, refinancing, or you're a realtor who would like an unbiased expert to assist in getting the job done, I'm the guy you can trust. I've closed thousands of home loans and I'm a Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac expert.   Just give me a call!

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By phone or email no matter where you live, I can show you

what you can qualify for and guide you through the complex mortgage process

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Certified Real Estate

Finance Instructor

As a licensed Arizona mortgage broker, realtor, and a certified real estate finance instructor, Terry presented regular real estate finance education seminars in Arizona for over a decade. Each of his 3-hour real estate finance seminars was certified for continuing education credits by the State of Arizona Department of Real Estate.  

The man sitting in the front row on the far right wearing the tie was the Executive Director of the Arizona Department of Real Estate. After the seminar was over, he introduced himself to me and told me how pleased he was with the content and my knowledge of mortgage finance. He suggested that I add Phoenix to my seminar schedule so he could send a number of his employees to attend. 

Graduate of the Prestigious School of Mortgage Banking at Northwestern University

The School of Mortgage Banking Class of 1992

      Graduation at Northwestern University

                Kellogg School of Management

Professional Mortgage Underwriter

The above page was excerpted from Terry's published book "Mortganomics" A Critical Examination of Mortgage Lending Practices, Pricing, and Predatory Abuses

 Why me? Why me?

 Don't bang your head against a wall worrying about

 getting your loan approved. Just call or email me.




  Counseling home buyers and owners for 35 years

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